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Taking a short break from tutorial writing

haven't had as much time recently to devote to my tutorial writing. Just a little over a year
ago I joined the Scrap Kit Designing team for Creative Design Outlet (CDO). I'm presently
the manager for CDO's scrap kit team and as you can imagine it has absorbed most of my
free time. I absolutely love the direction my life has taken in regards to PSP. That doesn't
mean I don't miss my tutorial writing because I truly do. Tutorial writing and tagging have
always been my first love. I am however thoroughly enjoying my involvement into the scrap
kit designing end of things. I will try to get some new tutorials written in the near future but in
case I don't you'll all know why. You can see all my Artist Tube Pack/Scrap Kits bundles at

Scrap Kit/Tube Pack Bundles
Stand Alone Scrap Kits
I've just written a tutorial for Creative Design Outlet (CDO) on how to use their newly released multiple
package/layers for Maxine Gadd's New Drucilla Doll.  It's a learning tutorial on how to use this amazing, unique
(Maxine Gadd's package 31)
You can find the Tutorial HERE
And you can find All of Maxine Gadd's packages at CDO HERE
I have decided to open a blog just for my scrap kits. I will no longer be keeping the scrap kit page here on my
website updated. All my new scrap kits will now be posted on my blog.  Feel free to click on the blinkie below to be
taken to my blog and enjoy !
A little note about my tutorials
At first appearance they seem to be quite lengthy, however I usually try to include as many print screens as I can to
make the tutorials a bit easier to follow.  Please don't be discouraged at first sight thinking they are lengthy tuts to do.  
Please understand that some of my tutorials use FTU scrap kits or resources and these resources may no longer be
available. I cannot control that unfortunately.  I would take down the tutorials but decided to keep them up in case
someone still would like to use them as a guideline.  Please do not contact me regarding this as there is nothing I can
do about resources/tubes etc that are no longer available.  As well, artists do change companies and some have
closed since I wrote these tutorials.  Do a google search if you cannot find an artist or visit my links page and check
all the tube stores until you find the artist you are looking for.
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