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For this tutorial you will need

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of TooshToosh. The Tube I am using (Jungle party)  for this tutorial is a free tube that TooshToosh offers.  98% of the images I've used in the tutorial are all from just the 1 FTU tube.  You can get the free tube HERE .  You will have to register and obtain a license number to use the tube and while you're there take a look around at all the other AMAZING tubes Toosh Toosh offers.

Clipz Busybee
(This is the large font used for WELCOME)
Liorah BT
(Used for "To The Group" and the "Name"
Both are FTU fonts and I've included them for you which you can download HERE

Let's Begin

1.  Unzip your fonts into your fonts folder found in
"Control Panel", "Fonts"

2. Open a new canvas 600 x 450 white background

3.  Select your text tool and find your Clipz Busybee font and type out the word
I used a yellow color to match the yellow in the giraff's from the tube which is color #ffe300 (Background and Fill Properties)
The size I used was

4. Next we're going to learn how to convert that word "Welcome" into each letter being an individual character shape so you can manipulate each letter individually (don't worry this isn't to hard LOL)

Go over to your layer pallete and you should have 2 layers showing.  Your bottom white layer and your text layer.  You will see to the left of your text letter a + sign. 
See my print screen below for what mine looks like.

Click on the + sign and it will then turn into a - sign and you will now see it expands your layer
see my print screen below for what mine looks like after I clicked on the + sign.

Next RIGHT CLICK on your expanded part of your layer. For example with mine you can see the top part of the layer is titled "Vector 1" and the second part it shows what word I typed out, mine being "WELCOME" what I want you to do is right click on the "WELCOME" part of the layer.  When you do that you should see a fly out window appear and down towards the bottom you will see "Convert Text To Curves" when you click that you'll then see "As Character Shapes" click on that. 
See my print screen below for how you find it.

5.  Once you do that you will now see a + sign appear to the left of your text layer WELCOME
See my print screen below for how mine looks

6.  Click on the + sign to the left of "WELCOME" and it will expand that layer again and you will now see that each letter is on it's own layer.
See my print screen below for what mine looks like.

7.  Next what we're going to do is play around with each individual layer.  Click on your text tool to make it active and then go back to your layer palette and click on what letter you'd like to play with. In my case I started with my letter "W".  When I clicked on my letter "W" a bounding box appeared around my letter "W" on my cavas
(see my print screen below for what mine looks like)

8.  You will see little squares around the box.  Holding down the left side of your mouse grab a hold of one of the boxes. You can stretch the letter Up, down, out to the side (it's width).  See my print screen below for what I did with my W.  I just grabbed the middle small square along the top of the "W" and pulled the letter up so the W looks taller than the rest.

9.  Next I went back to my layer palette and clicked on my letter "E" and once I did that the bounding box appeared around my "E" on my canvas.  With the letter "E" I wanted it to look like it was leaning against the "W" and tilted to the left a bit.  I also wanted to change it's width.  How I did this was first I started by widening the letter a bit by grabbing the small middle square on the left side of the letter and pulled it over to the left a bit.  Next I wanted to rotate it a bit to the left.  You will notice on the right side of the bounding box there is a small square box that extends out past the box a bit.  If you hover your mouse over this box you will see 2 arrows appear (sorry I can't print screen this to show you what it looks like as the arrows won't print screen for some reason LOL) Once you see these appear left click your mouse and start to rotate it to the left (or whatever direction you'd like to move it in)
(see my print screen below for what mine looks like now)

10.  Now follow the same steps that we did for the "W" and the "E" for the rest of the letters and just play around with them rotating them, making them bigger, wider whatever you like.  Remember if you do something you don't like just "undo" what you did and start again.
See my print screen below for what my word Welcome looked like after I was done.

11.  Once you have all your letters arranged the way you want, on your layer palette go to the top layer of your word (vector 1),
right click on it and "covert to raster layer"

12.  Next we're going to give our word "Welcome" an outline.  Go up to "Selections" and "Select All" the "Selections" and "float" then "selections" and "defloat" (you will see marching ants around your word on your canvas).  Next "Slections", "Modify" then "expand" and choose "2 pixels"

13.  Next go up to "Layers" then "New Raster Layer" and pick a color you'd like to outline your word with. I chose to match up a brown color from the giraffe (color #c26c35) and flood fill your new layer with that color.  Go over to your layer palette and move that layer UNDER your "Welcome" layer.  On your layer palette right click on your top "Welcome" layer to make it active then "merge down" merging your "Welcome" layer with your flood filled layer.  "Selections", "Select None"
(see print screen below for what I have now)

14.  On my canvas I now moved my welcome down just a little bit (to make room for the graphics we're going to add to it next)

15.  Now this is where your own creativity comes into play.  Open up your tube and with your selections tool select different animals from the tube and paste them on to your canvas placing them on top of, behind and in front of your wordart "Welcome"  If you've never used the selections tool before to select parts of a tube to paste on to your canvas I'll explain briefly below how you do it.  Choose your "selections" tool from the left hand side menu and choose "freehand"
see my print screen below if you don't know where to find this

16.  Use the settings below for your freehand selections tool

17.  Go back to your tube and click around the part of the tube you want to select. When you come all the way around to where you started double click and it will seal the area you selected (you will see marching ants around it once it's been correctly selected)
see my print screen below for what it should look like (I choose to select my giraff's first)

18. Go up to "edit" then "copy" back to your main canvas and "edit" then "paste as a new layer".

19.  Follow the same procedure selecting different images from your tube and place them where you like.  I reduced the size of some of my tubes and even rotated a few of them slightly to make them look like they were sitting on top of the letters or lying on them.  Be creative and have fun with it.  There's so much you can do with this. (you can look at my original tag to see where I placed all of mine if you'd like to do the same thing.

20.  Another little tip for you as well. You can go over to your layer palette and move layers around. Some underneath other's to make it look like your tubes are standing behind other's etc.  That's another way to play around and experiment until you get something you are happy with.

21.  Next I typed out the words "To The Group" using my
Liorah BT font.  I reversed the colors I used for "Welcome" and then gave it an outline the same way as I did for the word "Welcome"

22.  Add your name (I used the same
Liorah BT font just smaller) and Toosh Toosh's copyright information and your license number.

23.  Once you've added your name add the artists copyright information and save as either a "jpg" or as a "png" file (png preserves the transparent background.  if you're going to save as a png file close off the visibility of your bottom white layer then save it) and you're


My preview at the top of the tutorial shows some "noise" added to my tag. If you'd like to do that as well and don't know how to add noise to a tag you can use the "DSB Flux Filter - Bright Noise". I have written a tutorial on how to use this filter if you'd like to try the tutorial to add the noise to your tag.
You can find the tutorial

Animation really isn't necessary with this tag as it looks just as nice without ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and as always I love to see your results and would love even more to post them on my website on the "Tutorials Results" page. Just go to my "contact me" page and send me a message.

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