Using The Toadies Filter

Using The Toadies Filter

This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs.

Please note that all the download files have been uploaded to MY host and I have scanned for viruses so there are no worries.
This week we will be playing with a filter called Todies which you can download HERE
Unzip to your Plugins folder

There are SO MANY Filters in this set and I use these filters all the time. I've also noticed that a lot of tutorials that you may follow like to use Toadies as well. Have fun with this filter set and let's see what you come up with. Use one of the filters or as many as you like on one project. You can really have a lot of fun with this one. I'll show you what I did with my tag and if you want to try it please do.
I'd love to see what you come up with and please share with us what filters you used.

Here is what I did with this filter

You can download a zip file with all the supplies
Make sure you have unzipped your toadies filter into your filters file
Copy your mask file (oval) into your masks folder
Open your tube (Cliff Bonamie-Frog and Lizard) in PSP

1. Open a new canvas 400x400 white background
2. Add a New layer and flood fill it with the color #e0f7ff
3. Go to your Toadies Filter Set and choose the "Band Supressing Noise Filter. I used the setting of 47. Click ok.
4. Go to Layers ~ Load /Save Mask ~ Load Mask From Disk.
Search for your "Oval" mask.
I used these settings:
Invert Transparency UNCHECKED
Source Lumicance
Fit To Canvas
Hide all Mask
Click ok
5. Right Click on your mask layer and "Merge Group"
6. Give your mask layer a drop shadow with the following settings
Vertical ~ 5
Horizontal ~ 5
Blur ~ 66
Color ~ #6fbd5f
7. Open your tube (Frog and Lizard) Right Click on Layer 1 and copy
8. Go back to your canvas image (the one you just added a mask to) and edit, copy, paste as new layer.
9. Duplicate that layer and "x" out the Copy of Raster 1 (top layer) by clicking on the eye.
10. Click on your Raster 1 layer to activate it.
11. Go to your Toadies Filter Set and choose the filter "What You Are" Choose the settings: x-dose ~ 113 and Y-dose ~ 94 Click ok.
12. Apply the same drop shadow as you did in step #6
13. Unhide your Copy Raster #1 layer and give it the same drop shadow as in step #6
13. I then added some text. I added "Good Morning" to the top of the tag. I used the font "Beauty School Dropout"
Size ~ 72
Stroke width ~ 1.0
Background and Fill Properties color #1f9820
Foreground and Stroke Properties #e0f7ff
14. Add the same drop shadow as in step #6
15. I then added my name to the bottom with all the same settings as in step number 13, but used a different font. I used the "Bisque" font for my name.
16. Add the same drop shadow to this as well.
17. Add all your copyright information (I did this at the bottom of my tag)
18. I finished it off with a boarder.
Image ~ add border
Symmetrick checked 2 and used the color 2e6842
Image ~ add border
Symmetrick checked 1 and use the color e0f0ff
Image ~ add border
Symmetrick checked 2 and used color 2e6842
There your go ALL DONE. Now you have a cute good morning tag to use.
Ladyhawwk Designs