Tranquil Moments

This Tutorial was written in April of 2010. Please do not remove this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs in any way. This tutorial is copyrighted to Ladyhawwk Designs.

Tranquil Moments

For this tutorial you will need

* Scrap Kit I used is from Mystic Creations called "Tranquility" which you can purchase from Mystic Creations Blog HERE

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of Ana Rasha which is a FTU Tube and I've included it in the supplies folder
If you'd like to see more of Ana Rasha's incredible work you can visit her at Deviant Art HERE

*  Supplies  for this tutorial you can download

Font Of Your Choice

Let's Begin 

In PSP open from the supplies folder;

 In Animation Shop open from the supplies folder;

1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white background

"edit", "copy" then "edit", "paste as a new layer" the LHDBlueBack
3.     From
the Tranquility Kit open up the MIZ_TQ_beadedframe2, "edit", "copy" then "edit", "paste as a new layer" on to your canvas, then reduce the size to 55% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "55%" all layers UNCHECKED.
(we are just placing this here for placement purposes for the time being)

4. Take your magic wand tool and
click inside the inside circle frame until you have marching ants
The best settings I found to do this with are as follows;
(see print screen below)
Mode: Add(shift), Match mode: RGB Value, Tolerance: 102, Contiguous checked, Feather: 0, Anti-alias checked, Inside


"Selections", "Modify", "Expand" and choose "5"

6.  Open a paper of choice, I chose MIZ-TQ-paper4"Edit", "Copy" then back to your main canvas and "edit", "paste as a new layer".  "Selections" "Invert" (make sure you're on your paper layer) and hit your "delete" key on your keyboard.  On you layers palette move your paper layer UNDER your beaded frame layer.

7.   "edit", "copy" then "edit", "paste as a new layer" your tube on to your canvas, then reduce size to 80% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "80%" all layers UNCHECKED then hit the "delete" key on your keyboard.
(make sure the tube layer is below your beaded frame layer)  "Selections", "Select None"
(see the print screen below for what I have now)

8.  From
the Tranquility Kit open up the MIZ_TQ_silverflower, "edit", "copy" then "edit", "paste as a new layer" on to your canvas, then reduce size to 42% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "42%" all layers UNCHECKED. 

Go to "Image", "Free Rotate" and rotate to the right by 115 degrees
(see my print screen below for settings)

"Adjust", "Sharpness", "Sharpen More"

11.  On you layer palette right click on your MIZ_TQ_silverflower layer and "arrange", "bring to top" then with your mover tool move it to the very top of your circular frame and centre it
(see my print screen below for what I have done)

12.  On your layer palette right click and "duplicate", then "image", "mirror" then on your layer palette right click again and "merge",  "down"
(what we are doing is merging our 2 MIZ_TQ_silverflower layers on to one)

13. Move it up so that it's just resting on the top of the circular frame then on your layer palette right click on your merged MIZ_TQ_silverflower layer and "duplicate" then
"image", "flip"

On your layer palette right click and "
merge",  "down"
(what we are doing is merging our top and bottom 2 MIZ_TQ_silverflower layers on to one see my print screen below for what I have now)

"Adjust" "Add/Remove Noise", "Add Noise"
(use the settings I have shown in the print screen below)

16.  You can now either choose to leave your merged MIZ_TQ_silverflower layer above your frame layers or you can move it down (on your layer palette) to just above your background white layer.  I choose to do this you may wish to keep it on top its a personal choice. You can see my finished tag for reference on how it would look moved underneath your circular frame and paper layers

17.  "edit", "copy" then "edit", "paste as a new layer" the Wordart on to your main canvas. The wordart should automatically fit right into the blue circular frame part.
(Make sure this layer is your top layer on your layer palette)

18.  Activate your text tool and type out your name.  I found that the name wasn't showing up to good becuase of the bottom part of the MIZ_TQ_silverflower layer underneath so with my eraser tool I did erase the bottom of it.  This is also a personal choice which you don't have to do if you don't want to.

19.  Add Ana Rasha's copyright information and your own watermark  if you like.

20. We're now going to reduce size to 90% of the WHOLE IMAGE by going to
"Image" , "Resize" "90%" all layers CHECKED.

(If you don't wish to do the Animation part you can save your tag now as a jpg and you're all done.  If you want to continue with the animation continue below)


Close off the visibility on your beaded frame layer by clicking the eye to the left of the layer
(see my print screen below if you're having trouble finding where to do this)

"Edit", "Copy Special", "Copy Merged"

22.  Go to your Animation Shop and
"Edit", "Paste", "As A New Animation"

23.  You should already have your Animation12 open in Animation Shop (the beaded frame) and you'll notice that it has 27 frames to it.  We need to make the image we just brought over from PSP the same amount of frames (27).  How you do this is go to "Edit", "Duplicate Selected" and continue doing that until you have 27 frames.

24.  Go to your Animation12 and click on the first frame to make your amination active then go to "Edit", "Select All" then to "Edit", "Copy". Go back to your main image and click on the first frame to make it active the "Edit", "Select All", then "Edit", "Paste Into Selected Frame" You'll need to move it slightly to the left and up a bit until you match up the inside beads with the notches.  IF you don't get it placed where you like it just click on your "Edit", "undo paste" and try again.

25. Once happy "Save As" a gif file and ...........


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