Outlining Text in PSP

This tutorial was written by me and any resemblance to other tutorials is purely coincidental. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs.

I'm going to do a quick little tutorial for you, to show you how you can "outline" your text. I find I use this technique all the time when I'm using a transparent background.


(great for Transparent background tags)

1. Open up a new transparent image (any size you'd like, I used 400x200 to give me lot's of room to play with)


2. Create a new Raster Layer and with your text tool, and a font you would like to use, type your text. I decided to use the font "lucy" size 48 create as vector.


3. Right click on your text layer in your layer pallette and "convert to Raster" I decided then to give my text a little bit of a pattern by going to "Effects", "Texture Effects", "Blinds" with the settings Width "2" Opacity "58" and a darker blue as my color and "horizontal" checked.

4. Here comes the fun part.

Still on your text layer go to "Selections", "Select all", "Float". You should now have marching ants around your text


5. Next choose "Selections", "Modify", "Expand"


I choose to expand mine by "5". This is where you can play around and see how much of an outline you'd like to use. With a smaller thinner font I usually use a number a bit smaller (maybe 2 or 3), wider font I use a higher number. (5) It really is your own personal preference


6. With your text still selected and your marching ants around it add a new "Raster Layer"

7. Flood fill your new raster layer with a color you'd like to outline the text with. In my case I used a gold gradient. (don't panick when you see it's filled your text LOL)


8. Go over to your layer pallette and move your filled layer BELOW your original text layer. You can now see your text outlined nicely with your flood filled layer color.

9. "Select", Select None"


9. On your layer pallette right click on your top layer and "merge visible"

10. In order to keep the transparent background, you would save it as a "png" file. If you save it as a jpg file it will merge flatten thus giving it a white background.

You're ALL DONE. You can either leave it the way it is, or add drop shadows etc to it. I find if it's going on a transparent background it's best to leave it as is.

ŠLadyhawwk Designs