The image used in this tutorial is Ismael Rac Anyone wishing to use the same image MUST purchase it from Ismael Racs Store and have the proper license to use it.

A Ladyhawwk Designs QUICK TUT
Here is a real quick and easy tut to do.


For this tutorial you will need

Trail To the Past CLUSTER FRAME which is a freebie Tempus Fugit.   You can
download it
(currently found on page 2 of the blog and look for "Trail To the Past Cluster Frame)

* The tubes I've used are by Ismael Rac which are PTU tubes which you can purchase from his store  HERE
(or you can use any FTU artist)

* Background wordart made by me which you can download HERE

*Font -  Miriam Fixed which is a windows font but if you don't have it you can download it HERE 


Let's get started.

1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white background

2.  Open up the Backheritagetut word art and "edit", "copy", then back to your main canvas and "edit", "paste as a new layer"

3. Open up the Cluster Frame and  "edit", "copy", then back to your main canvas and "edit", "paste as a new layer"
reduce size to  20% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "20%" all layers UNCHECKED. Go up to "Image", then "Free Rotate" and rotate to the left by 15 degrees All layers and
rotate single layer around canvas center
UNCHECKED.  "Adjust", "Sharpness", "Sharpen"
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

4.  Click on your frame layer to make it active then t
ake your magic wand tool and click inside the frame until you have marching ants
The best settings I found to do this with are as follows;
(see print screen below)
Mode: Add(shift), Match mode: RGB Value, Tolerance: 102, Contiguous checked, Feather: 0, Anti-alias checked, Inside


"Selections", "Modify", "Expand" and choose "10"

6.  "Layers", "New Raster Layer" and with your flood fill tool fill with color #c3b891.

7.  "Effects - Texture Effects-Blinds"  and use the settings I've shown below

8.  Repeat the blinds again except this time tick the "horizontal" box

9.  On your layer palette move this layer BELOW your frame layer

10.  Open up 2 tubes of choice (from the same artist) and copy and paste each tube on to your canvas placing what parts of the tube you want showing in the frame. (you should still have your frame selected with the marching ants still running around it) once you have the tubes place where you want go to "selections", "invert" then click on each tube layer on your layer palette and hit your "delete" key on your keyboard.  "Selections", "Select None"
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

11.  Open up your third tube and paste as a new layer on your canvas
(this is your main tube)

12.  Activate your text tool and type our your name.  I used the font 
 Miriam Fixed Size 12.  I used the color #c3b891 for the font and gave it a white drop shadow then a black drop shadow.

13.  Add your copyright information and your watermark, save as a "png" file and


I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

I always love to see the results of any tutorial people do. Click on my "contact me" on my website and send me an email. I also have a "tutorial results" page and love to post anyone's tutorial results.

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