Happy Birthday

The image used in this tutorial is for example only. Anyone wishing to use the same image in your own personal creation MUST purchase it from Creative Design Outlet and have the proper license from CDO for the usage of this image/tube. The image being used in this tutorial is by Daniel Esparza

This Tutorial was written in February of 2011. Please do not remove this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs in any way. This tutorial is copyrighted to Ladyhawwk Designs and registered with Tutorial Writers Inc

Happy Birthday
For This Tutorial You Will Need;

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of Daniel EsparzaIt is a PTU Tube which can be purchased from Creative Design Outlet HERE

* The AWESOME FTU Scrap Kit called "Birthday Wishes" by  Designs By Ali which you can download from  Ali's Blog HERE

*  WORDART I got from Elegant Wordart by Bethany.  You can get download the wordart from Bethany's Blog HERE

* Mask WSL_Mask62 at weescotslass Here

Let's Begin

1.  From the Scrap Kit open up the following elements in PSP;


2. Open a new canvas 700 x 700 transparent background

3.  Open up your Mask WSL_Mask62  in PSP.

4.  Click on your bottom Raster1 layer (your white layer) and "Layers" and "New Raster Layer". With your flood fill tool flood fill this layer with a color of your choice. I choose color #fa375f  

"Layers", "New Mask Layer",  "From Image"  When the settings box pops up arrow down and find your "WSL_Mask62" (which is your mask)
(see my print screen below for the settings to use)

6.  On your layers palette right click on your mask layer and
"merge group"

7.  Give your mask a drop shadow by going up to "Effects", "3D Effects", "Drop Shadow" and use the settings I've used in the print screen below with the color #fbe271.  Then repeat the drop shadow again.

8. With your DBA BIRTHDAY FRAME 1  edit, copy and edit, paste as a new layer on to your new canvas and reduce size to 85% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "85%" all layers UNCHECKED.

9.  Take your magic wand tool and click inside the frame  until you have marching ants
The best settings I found to do this with are as follows;
(see print screen below)
Mode: Add(shift), Match mode: RGB Value, Tolerance: 102, Contiguous checked, Feather: 0, Anti-alias checked, Inside
10.  Go up to `Selections", then "Modify" and choose "expand" 5 pixels "Layers", "New Raster Layer" and flood fill it with a color of your choice I chose color #fa375f.  Move this layer BELOW your frame layer.  I then gave my flood filled layer a texture by going up to "Effects", "Texture Effects", "Textures" and use the settings as I did shown in the print screen below.

 11. Still with your frame selected Choose  DBA BIRTHDAY PAPER 4 (or any paper of your choice) and "Selections", "Select All" then "Edit", "Copy" go back to you main canvas and "edit" , "paste as a new layer".

12. "Selections", "invert" then hit your "delete key" on your keyboard. Move this layer below your frame layer. "Selections", "Select None".  On your layer palette change the blend mode to "lighten" then right click and "merge down" (merging your flood filled and paper layers together).  "Selections", "Select None"

(see my print screen below for what I have now)  

13.  Now we're going to add elements from the scrap kit to our tag. I will outline what I used below but you can use whatever elements you'd like.

reduce size to 85% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "85%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the upper left corner of your frame.
* DBA BOW 9  
reduce size to 30% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "30%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the upper left corner of your frame under your balloons.
reduce size to 25% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "25%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the bottomleft corner of your frame. I also mirrored my present by going to "Image", "Mirror".
reduce size to 35% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "35%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the  bottomleft corner and sit it in front of your present.  also mirrored my present by going to "Image", "Mirror".
reduce size to 35% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "35%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the  bottom left corner and sit it in front of your present to the right of your Birthday Horn.
reduce size to 15% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "15%" all layers UNCHECKED and move to the  bottom left corner and sit it in front of all your other elements.
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

14.  Next you're going to add your tube and place it in the centre of the frame.  Any part of the tube that overlapped outside of the frame at the bottom I just took my eraser tool and erased those parts of the tube.  On your layer palette drag your tube layer UNDER all the element layers you added to the bottom left of your frame.

15.  I then added my wordart.

Here is a little trick for you when it comes to "colorizing" or adding your wordart to your tag as a different color other than black. What I do is I always export my wordart as a "custom brush" that way you can have it to use in the future and make it whatever color you'd like.

Here are the steps on how to do that;

*  first open the wordart and resize it down if you wish.  I resized this particular wordart down to about 15-20%
*  Go up to "File", "Export", "Custom Brush"
*  When the box pops up name it whatever you like and save.  You can then close in psp your original wordart.
* On your materials palette change the "foreground and strokes properties" box to a color of your choice.
*  Activate your brush tool and arrow down looking for your new wordart you just made
*  Add a new layer to your main canvas and add your new wordart. 
AND THAT'S IT You've now created a "custom brush" and you can make your wordart whatever color your wish. I aslo outlined my wordart using a gradient glow or you can use a drop shadow.

16.  Now add your name (I used the font More Enchanted Prairie Dog) Size 24 and gave it a colored drop shadow and the artists copyright information

And you're ALL DONE

**Note** My preview shows some "noise" added to my tag. If you'd like to do that as well and don't know how to add noise to a tag you can use the "DSB Flux Filter - Bright Noise". I have written a tutorial on how to use this filter if you'd like to try the tutorial to add the noise to your tag.

You can find the tutorial HERE

Animation really isn't necessary with this tag as it looks just as nice without ;)

No animation shown below

Animation added shown below

 hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and as always I love to see your results and would love even more to post them on my website on the "Tutorials Results" page. Just go to my "contact me" page and send me a message.

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