Dreaming Of Love

The image used in this tutorial is for example only. Anyone wishing to use the same image in your own personal creation MUST purchase it from Creative Design Outlet and have the proper license from CDO for the usage of this image/tube. The image being used in this tutorial is ©Jennifer Janesko www.janesko.com

 This Tutorial was written in January of 2010. Please do not remove this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs in any way. This tutorial is copyrighted to Ladyhawwk Desgins and is registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

Dreaming Of Love

For this tutorial you will need

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of Jennifer Janesko. It is a PTU Tube which you can purchase from CDO HERE

(or you can use a tube of your choice)

* The AWESOME Scrap kit "Loveletters" is from Ivy's Inspirations Blogspot which is a FTU kit which you can download from her blogspot
**Note** Ivy's Inspirations no longer exists.  I have been in contact with Mary Beth the owner of Ivy Inspirations and at this time she has no plans of re-opening her blog.  We in the psp and scrap kit community will miss Mary Beth as she was always so generous in sharing BEAUTIFUL FTU Scrap kits for us to use.  I wish Mary Beth all the very best in her future and Mary Beth please know you will be missed.

I have re-created the elements I used in Mary Beth's "Love Letters" kit so the tutorial could still be used.  Although the elements aren't anywhere near as nice as what Mary Beth created I feel confident they are good enough to use with the tutorial. 

You can download all my supplies HERE
(Please do not share these supplies elsewhere. They were made specifically for this tutorial by me)

Let's Begin

1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white background

2. From the supplies folder open up the LHDdolFrame in PSP

3. Edit, copy and edit, paste as a new layer on to your new canvas, then reduce size to 40% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "40%" all layers UNCHECKED and move it over to the left of your canvas.

4. On you layer palette right click on your frame layer and

5. "Image", "Mirror"
(see my print screen below for what I have to this point) 


6. Right click on your top frame layer and
"merge down"
(you are merging your 2 frame layers together)

7. Click on your
bottom white layer

8. With your selection tool (freehand selection) draw a box around your frame in the middle of the border.
The idea here is we're going to put a background paper UNDER the frame. See my sample below to see what I am doing.

freehand tool
you can see the dotted line indicating where I drew my selected area.

9. Open up LHDdolPaper and
"edit", "copy"

10. Go back to your main canvas and
"Layers", "New Raster Layer"
(make sure this new layer is below your frame layer)

"Edit", "paste into selection"

"Selections", "Select None"
(see print screen below for what I have now) 


13. Open up your tube of choice and add it to your tag. What I did with mine was I added the tube inbetween my paper background layer and my frame layer to make it look like she was inside and behind the frame. I took my eraser tool and just erased any parts of the tube that may have extended past the frame on either side.

14. Open up the LHDdolWordart and "edit", "copy" then "edit" "paste as a new layer" on to your main canvas.

15. reduce size to 75% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "75%" all layers UNCHECKED

16. Add a drop shadow of choice
I used Vertical 2, Horizontal -1, Opacity 37, Blur 7, color black

17. Open up LHDDolTag  and "edit", "copy" then "edit" "paste as a new layer" on to your main canvas.

18. Reduce size to 55% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "55%" all layers UNCHECKED and move it to the upper left corner of your frame. See my original tag for placement.

19. With your text tool add your name to the tag.

20. I then added some flowers to the top of my frame. How I did this was by using my close tool.

Open up the LHDDolRoses. You can see my print screen below for the settings I used and you can see the circle around the flowers. Using the settings shown below go to the roses in the middle "right click on you mouse" Go back to your main canvas and "layers", "new raster layer". Go near the top centre of your frame and "left click your mouse" and you should see your flowers appear. They'll be very large so Reduce size to 55% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "55%" all layers UNCHECKED. Move your flowers to the top centre of your frame.
(prent screen below shows settings for clone tool) 


21. Open the LHDDolBeads and "edit", "copy", back to my main canvas and "edit", "paste as a new layer". I made sure this layer was moved to the bottom just above my white background layer and up to the top so some of the beads are showing above, and out to the sides of my frame. I then "image", "duplicated" the layer, then "image", "flip". I moved the beads to the bottom of the frame.  On you layer palette "right click" on the top beads layer and "merge down" merging your 2 bead layers together..

22. Add your copyright information, save as a jpg or png and you're ALL DONE!!

**Note** My preview shows some "noise" added to my tag. If you'd like to do that as well and don't know how to add noise to a tag you can use the "DSB Flux Filter - Bright Noise". I have written a tutorial on how to use this filter if you'd like to try the tutorial to add the noise to your tag.

You can find the tutorial HERE

Animation really isn't necessary with this tag as it looks just as nice without ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and as always I love to see your results and would love even more to post them on my website on the "Tutorials Results" page. Just go to my "contact me" page and send me a message.

© Ladyhawwk Designs