Circle Of Love

This Tutorial was written in February 2010. Please do not remove this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs in any way. This tutorial is copyrighted to Ladyhawwk Designs.

Circle of Love

For this tutorial you will need

* Tube of choice, I am using the work of Greg Horn. At the time of the writing of this Tutorial Greg Horn was an artist selling his tubes at CILM. Since that time he has left CILM (which is now closed) and is no longer selling his tubes as far as I know. You can substitute the tube with one of your choice. Feel free to drop by Greg's website to take a look at his amazing artwork when you have a chance. He also has a few FTU images for you to download and use for your tags which are fantastic so make sure you visit his site and see what he has available. HERE

(or you can use any tube of your choice)

* Mask - is by Kristy's Scraps Which you can download HERE
(I'm using Kirsty07_MaskNewDec-2)
Since I first wrote this tutorial Kirsty has moved her blog and I don't see this mask on her new blog yet. For now I have supplied it however please visit Kirsty's blog and see all the other fantastic goodies she has there

* Wordart which is by Weescotslass Creations which you download
(I'm using WSL_WordArtMix4)

* Brush
Which you can download HERE

* Alien Skin Eyecandy 4000
(if you don't have this plug in go to google and search "Alien Skin Eyecandy 4000") 
If you can't find the filter you can always use a drop shadow in place of the gradient glow.

Font Of Your Choice

Let's Begin

Open up the wordart and mask in PSP and minimize
Put your brush in your brushes folder

1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 transparent background

2.  "Layers", "New Raster Layer" and flood fill it with color of choice (to match your tube) I'm using

3.  "Layers", "New Mask Layer",  "From Image"  When the settings box pops up arrow down and find your Kirsty07_MaskNewDec-2 (which is your mask)
(see my print screen below for the settings to use)

4.  On your layers palette right click on your mask layer and
"merge group"

5.  Reduce size to 90% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "90%" all layers UNCHECKED

6.   Go to your EyeCandy 4000 by going to
"Effects" "Plug Ins", "EyeCandy4000", "Marble"
Play aroud with the settings and with the colors until you get an effect you like. 
(I've print screened below a sample of what I've used)

7.  Go to your EyeCandy 4000 by going to
"Effects" "Plug Ins", "EyeCandy4000", "Gradient Glow"
Play aroud with the settings and with the colors until you get an effect you like. 
(I've print screened below a sample of what I've used)

Next we're going to add text that goes around the circle. In my tag I have added my name.
In order to do a circular text like I have you need to do the following procedure. 

9. Choose your "ellipse tool"
keep all settings the default except for the "width" which I have mine set as 2
(see my print screen below for where to find the settings)

Elipsescreen.jpg picture by Mysticaladyhawk

Linewidth.jpg picture by Mysticaladyhawk 

10. On your layer palette make the "Foreground and stroke properties" a darker color so you can see the circle. 

11. On your layer palette make the "Background and Fill" box transparent. You do this by clicking on the small icon on the far right side just below the box. 

12. Draw a circle that goes around the outside of your masked layer
(see my print screen below for what I have now)


13.  Choose your "text tool" and pick a font of your choice. 

14. Go to the top of the circle and just hover your mouse over the outside circle until you see an "A" which will be tilted to the left slightly with a curved line under it. (For some reason when I do a print screen of this the "A" half circle won't show lol)
Click on the circle when that appears and your text box will pop up. 

15.  Go back to your "Background And Fill" properties box and take the transparent off and choose a color you'd like to use for your text.

16.  Type the text in the box you'd like to appear on your tag. I typed my name left 5 spaces in-between then typed it again and repeated that until I was happy with the text going around my circle.
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

 17.  Go over to your layer palette and you will see a + sign beside your text layer, click on that so that you can see all layers grouped there. What we want to do now is close off that elipse so it doesn't show, just leaving our circular text visible.
There's a small picture of an eye to the left of the circle layer, click on that and it will hide that circle. 
(see my print screen below for where to do this)


18. Right click on the layer and "convert to raster"
(you should now just see the circular text on that layer) 

19. Add a drop shadow of choice to your circular text
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

20.  Open your tube of choice and paste it on to your canvas.  I moved mine in the centre of the masked frame layer and over to the left.  I erased parts of the tube along the bottom and left side to make it look like she was coming out fo the circle.  A tip on how to do this easier is to lower the opacity of the tube layer on your layer palette so you can just see the masked circular layer under.  This way it can guide you on where to erase. When you're done you can put the opacity back up to 100%

Copy and paste your word art on to your canvas and place it where you'd like.  I put mine towards the bottom of the masked layer.  Another tip for you.  You will notice mine is colorized.  I usually turn my wordart into a "custom brush" by going to "File", "Export", "Custom Brush".  Name it what you would like then go to your brush tool, find your newly created custom brush now you can make your word art whatever color you would like. Give it a drop shadow of your choice.
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

22.  Activate your brush tool and find your klcbf004 brush.

23.  "Layers", "New Raster Layer" and choose a color you'd like to use.  Add your butterfly brush. I added mine so it looked like she was holding the butterfly in her hand.
(you may choose not to use this brush if it doesn't fit in with the tube you chose)

24.  Drop shadow your choice.

25.  Add your copyright information to your tag, save as a png file or jpg and

I always love to see the results of any tutorial people do. Click on my "contact me" on my website and send me an email. I also have a "tutorial results" page and love to post anyone's tutorial results.

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