Christmas In Gold

The image used in this tutorial is for example only. Anyone wishing to use the same image in your own personal creation MUST purchase it from CILM and have the proper license from CILM for the usage of this image/tube. The image being used in this tutorial is by ©Al Rio

This Tutorial was written in December of 2009.  Please do not remove this tutorial from Ladyhawwk Designs in any way. This tutorial is copyrighted to Ladyhawwk Desgins.

Christmas In Gold

For this tutorial you will need

* Tubes of choice, I am using the work of Al Rio. It is a PTU Tube which you can purchase from CILM

* Scrap Kit I used is from Baby Cakes Scraps called "Christmas Elegance" which you can purchase from Baby Cakes Scraps Blog HERE

Font Of Your Choice

Let's Begin

1. Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white background

2. From the Christmas Elegance Kit open up the BCS double frame, edti, copy and edit, paste as a new layer on to your new canvas, then reduce size to 45% by going to "Image" , "Resize" "45%" all layers UNCHECKED

3. Adjust Sharpeness, Sharpen 

4.  Open bcs paper 3, selections, select all, edit, copy

5.  Go back to your main canvas and select your Magic wand tool and use the following settings (see print screen below)
Mode - Add shift, Match Mode - RBG Value, Tolerance - 32, Contiguous - checked, anti alias checked, inside Feather - 0

6.  Click inside the 2 frames with the magic wand tool.  You should see running ants around the frames.

Selections, modify, expand 2

8.  Edit, Paste as new layer the paper, (which should be still saved on your clipboard) selections, invert then hit the delete key on your keyboard. Selections, select none.

9.  Move paper layer below your frame layer. You should now have 3 layers. From bottom up your transprent layer, then your frame layer, then your paper layer.  (See print screen below for what I have)

10.  From the Christmas Elegance Scrap Kit open up BCS Small decoEdit, Copy, then go back to your main canvas and edit, paste as a new layer.  Move it to the upper left corner of frame then move that layer below your frame layer in your layer palette.  (see my print screen below)

11.  Duplicate your small deco layer, image, mirror, image flip. (see my print screen below on what you should have now)

12.  Right click on any layer in your layer pallette and merge visible. You should now only have one layer

13. Duplicate Layer, image, mirror
Move the frames so they line up to your liking side by side (see my print screen below for what I did)
Layers, Merge, Merge visible.

14.  Open up your tubes of choice.  I used 4 different tubes by artist Al Rio. Choose one of the tubes and Edit, Copy then go back to your main canvas.

15.  Choose your magic wand tool and use the same settings as we did earlier.  Click inside the first frame.

16.  Edit, Paste as new layer and reduce the size of the tube if necessary to fit the part you want showing in the frame.  In my case Iíve used their faces.  Selections,  invert,  hit delete key

17.  Do the same for all frames using different images (you should have 4 different images in each of your frames you can see my print screen below for what I did)

18.  From the Christmas Elegance Scrap Kit, open bcs tree.

19.  Edit, copy and paste as a new layer on your main canvas.  Image, resize by 40% all layers UNCHECKED  and place that layer under the frame layer move to the left side.

20.  Adjust sharpness, sharpen

21.  Duplicate layer, image.  mirror (see my print screen below for what I did)

23.  From the Christmas Elegance Scrap Kit, open bcs wreath 2

24.  Edit, Copy then edit paste as new layer on to your main canvas.  Image, resized 45% all layers UNCHECKED.

Make sure that layer is on top of all other layers.

25.  With your eraser tool erase the parts of the wreath that are over the frames (with the images in them) see my print screen below for what I did.

26.  I then added bcs sparkle and bcs sprig both resizing down 85% and rotating.  I made sure those layers were underneath the wreath layer. You can add whatever elements from the kit you like.

27.  Add your text and watermark and all copyright information.  (I added the text "Seasons Greetings")

28.  Save as a "png" file

There you go you're all done.  I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.