A Psyco Welcome

A Psyco Welcome

**NOTE** This tutorial is VERY flexible and you really can do a variety of things with it.  I've made a "welcome to the group" tag but you really can do anything at all you like as far as the wording goes.  I have used 7 different tubes by the SAME ARTIST.  Instead you can use different parts of one tube if you like.  There are so many variables you can use for this tut so experiment and have fun. Just remember that as far as copyright laws go you CANNOT mix different artists work so if you're going to use 7 different artist images they must all be by the same artist.

For this tutorial you will need

* Tubes of choice, (you will need 7 tubes or images by the SAME ARTIST) I am using the work of Psycojimi, http://psycojimi.deviantart.com
To use Psyco jimi's art you now need a licence from MTA

* Mask - The fabulous mask I used is by essexgirl.  Thank you to Daisy for emailing me to let me know where this awesome mask came from
You can download the mask from
essexgirl's site  (triple diamond mask)

* Alien Skin Eyecandy 3.1
(if you don't have this plug in go to google and search "Alien Skin Eyecandy 3000") 
If you can't find the filter you can always use a drop shadow in place of the gradient glow.

Font Of Your Choice

Let's Begin

Open up the mask in PSP and minimize

1. Open a new canvas 350 x 500 and fill it with a color of your choice. I chose the color #c40002 to match my main tube

2.  "Layers", "New Mask Layer",  "From Image"  When the settings box pops up arrow down and find your sg_triple-diamond (which is your mask)
(see my print screen below for the settings to use)

3.  On your layers palette right click on your mask layer and
"merge group"

4.  Open another
new canvas 600 x 600 white background

5.  Go back to your mask image and "edit", "copy" then back to your new 600 x 600 image and "edit", "paste as a new layer" and with your mover tool move it over to the left side of your canvas
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

6.  On your layer palette right click and "duplicate" then "image", "mirror".  On your layer palette right click on the top layer and "merge down" (your merging your 2 triangle frame layers together)
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

7.  Take your magic wand tool and
click inside the top left triange until you have marching ants
The best settings I found to do this with are as follows;
(see print screen below)
Mode: Add(shift), Match mode: RGB Value, Tolerance: 102, Contiguous checked, Feather: 0, Anti-alias checked, Inside


"Selections", "Modify", "Expand" and choose "5"

9.  Open up your first tube of choice and  "Edit", "Copy" then back to your main canvas and "edit", "paste as a new layer". Move the tube into place (and reduce the size of it if needed)  "Selections" "Invert" (make sure you're on your tube layer) and hit your "delete" key on your keyboard.  On you layers palette move your tube layer UNDER your frame layer.
"Selections", "Select None"
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

10.  On your layers palette click on your frame layer to make it active and take your magic wand tool and repeat steps 7 - 9 using a different tube.  Continue these steps until you have filled each triangle frame with an image.
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

11.  Close off the visibility on your bottom white layer and your top frame layer by clicking the eye to the left of the layer then right click on any other layer and "merge visible". (what you are doing is merging all of your tube layers on to 1).  Click on the eye to the left of your white layer and your top frame layer again to open back up the visibility.

12.  Add a drop shadow to your frame layer and your tubes layer.
(see my settings below)

13.  With eyecandy 3 give your tubes and your frame layer a "gradient glow".  I used a blue color but you can choose whatever color you like
(you can also use a drop shadow if you dont' have eye candy)

(see my settings below)

14.  Copy and paste your 7th tube on to the centre of your image and give it a drop shadow of your choice.
(see my print screen below for what I have now)

15.  With a wider type font (I used
Ebrima) type out the word WELCOME. (I made it look like her hand was resting on top of the word)

16.  Using a script font on a new layer type out the words
"To The Group"

17.  You can then give both layers a drop shadow of choice or use Eyecandy again "gradient glow" with a white glow or another color of your choice.

18.  Add the artist copyright information then "save as" a jpg and you're ALL DONE!

**Note** My preview shows some "noise" added to parts of the tag. If you'd like to do that as well and don't know how to add noise to a tag you can use the "DSB Flux Filter - Bright Noise". I have written a tutorial on how to use this filter if you'd like to try the tutorial to add the noise to your tag.

You can find the tutorial HERE

Animation really isn't necessary with this tag as it looks just as nice without ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and as always I love to see your results and would love even more to post them on my website on the "Tutorials Results" page. Just go to my "contact me" page and send me a message.

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